While I could simply share this video link on my Facebook writer’s page, the views expressed here by Benjamin L. Corey in response to the main objections to Christian nonviolence so clearly communicate my own position on the subject that I thought it appropriate to include it as a blog post.

What Ben does in this short video (20 mins.) is respond to the main objections against Christian pacifism from a biblical and theological perspective. No doubt there are other arguments that have been formed, but these certainly highlight the most prominent ideas.

I like what Ben has been able to do in a relatively short time-frame. In a clear and concise way, he has been able to respond with what I believe are the main reasons many of us believe the Gospel of Jesus is ultimately a Gospel of peace. That peace lies at the center of Jesus’ new kingdom and forms the basis of our witness as those who follow him.

Ultimately, the whole of Jesus’ teaching and example point us in this direction. And, the most powerful demonstration of enemy-love comes to us as Jesus hung on the cross pronouncing forgiveness on all – including those who put him there.

For these and other reasons, I hope you find this video presentation helpful.

May I also recommend Brian Zahnd’s book, A Farewell to Mars: An Evangelical Pastor’s Journey Toward the Biblical Gospel of Peace as a great resource to further dive into this important discussion.


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  • Bev Mitchell


    Thanks for the reference to this excellent presentation by Benjamin L. Corey. His arguments are sound, but I want to comment on his style of presentation. This manner of addressing those who oppose one’s views is way too seldom seen. Benjamin, you have a gracious gift and are using it well. It would be interesting and a blessing to watch an opponent of your views present their case in an equally engaging, forceful yet peaceful and open handed manner. Well done!