A Conversation with Leonard Sweet on the Future of the Church

leonard sweet

A Few of my Favorite Quotes From the Interview “Jesus is already in our future and he is inviting us to join him in what he’s already doing there.” “You grow a soul from the sound up.” “There is no artist in history that has painted Jesus singing.” “There is only one singularity that matters […]

Review – Burning Questions and Faith: Exploring Where the Evidence Leads (DVD)

Burning Questions is a new six-part DVD series produced by Talon Productions and Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, and is hosted by Dr. Andy Bannister, the Director for RZIM Canada. In this very informative and thorough series, Dr. Bannister takes us on a journey to three countries and asks representatives from the major world religions, as […]


The Danger of Seeking God

When Our Conception of God Leads Us Away from God

The danger of seeking God comes when the picture or conception of God we have formulated is inaccurate. If we have created an image of God built around little more than our own psychological projections, contemporary philosophical assumptions, or religious persuasions, maybe we need to take a step back and reflect on another picture. For instance, […]

seeking God

Stuff Jesus Said: #1 – Get Over Yourself

“If your first concern is to look after yourself, you’ll never find yourself. But if you forget about yourself and look to me, you’ll find both yourself and me” (Matthew 10:39 – Jesus Christ). This idea flies in the face of what has become an all to common belief in our world.  We all suffer […]

An Anthem – Let it be Jesus

May Jesus always be the center of everything. Jesus is absolutely in the middle If you want to know who God is, look at Jesus If you want to know what it means to be human, look at Jesus If you want to know what love is, look at Jesus If you want to know […]

Alan Hirsch on Church as Communitas not Community

In this short clip, Alan Hirsch discusses the difference between the church as communitas, not community. A communitas is a church steeped and driven by mission, not ministry. As a result, it isn’t afraid to take risks as it moves towards the future with an honest sense of adventure and creativity; qualities that often don’t […]

The Goal of the Gospel with Skye Jethani

What is the goal of the gospel? Fame? Prestige? Large churches? Converts? Heaven? Happy marriages? Large homes? Cottages? Actually, none of the above. In this short video, Skye Jethani explains what the actual goal of the gospel is. You may be surprised with his answer. Maybe not.

Generation Ex-Christian

Here is an interview with Drew Dyck, author of a new book entitled “Generation Ex-Christian.” Through many interviews with many 20-somethings, combined with serious reflection and research, Dyck highlights reasons why many within this particular age group often ‘leave’ the church. Creating categories such as ‘recoilers,’ ‘modern leavers,’ ‘neo-pagans,’ ‘rebels’ and ‘drifters,’ he spells out […]

The Center

Thoughts about how people approach, experience and live out their faith in God and with others. It seems that those who place a priority on theological concerns sometimes have a tendency to be exclusivistic towards others who may not necessarily believe exactly as they do on every single point of doctrine. They have a tendency […]