Alan Hirsch on Church as Communitas not Community

In this short clip, Alan Hirsch discusses the difference between the church as communitas, not community. A communitas is a church steeped and driven by mission, not ministry. As a result, it isn’t afraid to take risks as it moves towards the future with an honest sense of adventure and creativity; qualities that often don’t […]

Toward the Other: Thoughts from Brian McLaren on Rethinking and Reframing the Christian Response to the Religious Other

The subject of inter-religious and non-religious dialogue normally conjures up images of battle, debate and intense forms of argumentation. Even for those who claim to represent Christianity, hostility, rather than hospitality, usually describes our method of persuasion. In this video from Brian McLaren, he asks a number of important questions about how we normally conduct […]

Confidence and Slippery Slopes – A Short Video from Brian McLaren

Click here to watch the video clip from Brian McLaren entitled Confidence and Slippery Slopes I deeply appreciate Brian’s ideas around how we learn as students/disciples of Jesus Christ. Students never believe they know it all or that they know nothing at all. Instead, they are constantly moving forward, learning new things along the way. […]

Q & A Video Interview with Roger Olson Concerning His Latest Book ‘Against Calvinism’

Here is a video interview with Dr. Roger Olson concerning his latest book Against Calvinism.  As always, Dr. Olson provides a great overview of the current debate between Calvinism and Arminianism within Evangelical theology. Interview with Dr. Olson – From Assemblies of God TV

Science and Religion: Building a Relationship that Lasts

Here is a video from a lecture given by Dr. John Polkinghorne at Point Loma Nazarene University on the relationship between science and religion.  Dr. Polkinghorne was a very successful scientist, an expert and creative theoretical physicist involved in the discovery of quarks. He was Professor of Mathematical Physics at Cambridge University before he resigned […]