The Role of ‘Tradition’ within Evangelical Theological Development

On the topic of theological development, a number of Christian leaders clearly reflect the paleo-orthodoxy of Thomas Oden, D.H. Williams, and Robert Webber. They are also referred to as Evangelical Traditionalists, who identify an ancient doctrinal consensus (creeds) as a source and norm alongside of scripture. They often use tradition as a ‘governing authority’ for […]

Q & A Video Interview with Roger Olson Concerning His Latest Book ‘Against Calvinism’

Here is a video interview with Dr. Roger Olson concerning his latest book Against Calvinism.  As always, Dr. Olson provides a great overview of the current debate between Calvinism and Arminianism within Evangelical theology. Interview with Dr. Olson – From Assemblies of God TV

Evangelical Boundaries and Bruxy Cavey’s Book ‘The End of Religion’

I just finished reading Bruxy Cavey’s 2007 release, The End of Religion and thoroughly enjoyed it. Of the many topics he addressed in the book, there is one that I found particularly appealing – the issue of theological/biblical boundaries in chapter 20. Bruxy writes, “When faith becomes religion, people on the inside of the group […]

Podcast with Roger Olson

Here is a recent interview with Dr. Roger Olson, professor of theology at Truett Seminary, from Homebrewed Christianity.  In this one-hour long podcast, Dr. Olson comments on a wide range of topics that include: – Arminianism – Rob Bell – Calvinism – Sexuality – Open Theism – Post-conservative Evangelicalism (me) This is a great opportunity […]

Interview with Dr. Roger E. Olson on the Arminian/Calvinist Dialogue

I have for some time now grown to deeply appreciate Dr. Roger Olson, Professor of Theology at George W. Truett Theological Seminary (Baylor University),  and his balanced perspective on a wide variety of biblical and theological issues. In this interview from Assembles of God TV (AGT), he offers an informed and insightful response on the […]