Redefining Holiness Jesus-Style: Transforming the World from the Inside-Out

When many of us first embraced Christianity, we almost immediately began to define our journey by the things we could no longer do. The words ‘not’, ‘do not’ and ‘cannot’ came to characterize not only our approach to our new-found faith, but the ways we lived it out as well. However, the more I read […]


If God is Always With Us – Why Do We Ask Him to “Visit Us”?

Our experience of God should always have a role to play in our attempts to better understand God and God’s activity in the world. Experience can help us determine the validity of a certain theological idea about God when we put that idea to the test in the real world of everyday life. If it seems to work with […]


Connecting the Dots: The Cross, the Sermon and Discipleship

What does it mean to follow Jesus? What does following Jesus look like? Following Jesus, regardless of when and where you live, will always look the same because it is based in God’s demonstration of love witnessed most powerfully in how Jesus died on the cross. The cross points to what Jesus did for us and how we […]


2 Themes From the Psalms That Will Forever Change the Way You Read the Book

I recently completed reading through the Psalms and noticed two themes in particular that came up over and over again. Both of which I really didn’t anticipate seeing in this context, but were found throughout. While I won’t take the time to list every passage within each category, I thought I would share a few […]


Why We Need to Seriously Reconsider the Whole Idea Behind the Altar Call: Part 2 – Recapturing the Beauty of Baptism

Inviting people to embrace the kingdom of God where Christ is worshiped as King is a community event. The Church, as the primary expression of Jesus’ kingdom on earth, is called to live out the kingdom ethic of our King. Our commission as kingdom ambassadors is to invite others into His kingdom, to be reconciled […]


A King and His Kingdom: Relearning the Story of Jesus From the Ground Up

Sometimes, in order to learn about something, we have to (un)learn all of the things we thought we knew about that something first. In our pursuit of Jesus, sometimes we have to (un)learn what we thought we knew about Jesus, in order to (re)learn about the real Jesus that lay behind our presuppositions, prejudices and […]


Why We Need to Seriously Reconsider the Whole Idea Behind the ‘Altar Call’

Asking people to make a decision to have their sins forgiven, but spending little time calling them to become disciples, is like telling someone half a story, while leaving them to figure out the rest on their own. Our preoccupation with getting people to make a decision is not only contrary to the biblical call to make […]

altar call

What’s the Plan? The Adjustment Bureau and the Question of Free Will

The most common questions about God in contemporary society center less on whether or not God exists and more on what kind of God exists. And, by way of extension, what kind of world did God chose to create? This question forms the basis of director George Nolfi’s film, The Adjustment Bureau. The storyline of […]

free will