Giving credit where credit is due

I think it’s a common human experience to take credit for just about every good thing that has ever happened in the world.  Whether it be a medical/scientific breakthrough, an engineering marvel, a literary masterpiece, or educational reform, human beings always want to take credit for their accomplishments.   We want to experience a ‘pat on […]

Is Leadership Biblical?

I read a post today on David Fitch’s blog entitled, “Is ‘Leadership’ Biblical? A Few Reasons to say ‘No’” with great interest. First of all, I was immediately drawn to his ideas about what leadership means from a biblical standpoint because I too have often struggled with the ‘top-down’, hierarchical, business style of leadership that […]

Dr. John W. Stephenson’s Article, “Theological Issues Beyond 2000” Revisited: Part 3 – Spiritual Gifts

If we could choose a phrase that captures the essence of our contemporary North American culture, it would be this one: “It’s all about ME.”  In this context, the ‘individual’ is King and Queen.  Individual rights can, and often do, trump those of the larger community.  What I want and believe is of greater importance […]