Assisted Suicide, Brittany Maynard, and Dying with Dignity

October 6, 2014

Assisted Suicide.


Click the above post title to watch a moving six-minute clip that really forces all of us to once again seriously reflect on the question of assisted suicide.

As the primary purpose of this blog is to ask questions, stimulate conversation and inspire faith, the delicate topic of assisted suicide certainly qualifies as something requiring dialogue.

No doubt there will be those for and against assisted suicide. And, rightfully so. A topic such as this should be discussed.

However, it’s one thing to discuss it from a distance, when the situation affects someone far away, and quite another thing when it concerns someone near you; someone you love and hold dear.

I still don’t know exactly how I feel about this. But, as a Christian, I know that Brittany’s circumstances demand much grace.

Brittany, I’m so sorry you have to experience this.

May the God of love, grace and peace surround you now and forever. And, may he sustain your family and cherished friends as they travel with you through this life-changing time.

Religious experience needs good theology the way a traveler needs a reliable map. A traveler with lots of enthusiasm but no map for the journey is a dangerous person to travel with. Together you can get hopelessly lost.

The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted

Gary Chapman’s Book, The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted, lives up to its title. It offers many helpful and practical tips on how to create a healthy marriage.

The end of each chapter includes a Your Turn section that offers an opportunity for each person to reflect on the material just read and look for ways to implement its principles in everyday situations.

While each chapter centers on a specific topic, Chapman works hard to bring the reader back to his main purpose.

The supreme purpose of marriage is the union of two individuals at the deepest possible level and in all areas.


One of my personal favourite takeaways is his idea that in every marriage the key to success is not to focus on always trying to change your partner, but to look for ways to change yourself.

If I intentionally purpose to be more loving, kind, gracious, understanding, and fair, that can and often will positively impact my partner in similar ways.

If, however, I consistently focus on their short-comings and idiosyncrasies, it usually ends up creating more tension, which in turn negatively impacts the relationship.

A Few Quotes

Here are a few of my favourite quotes —

I can always improve my marriage, and love is my greatest weapon (p. 42)

If we could learn the tremendous power of the compliment, we would seldom again revert to complaint (p. 45)

When your spouse is talking, it is your turn to listen. Do not sit there and reload your guns (p. 57)

In the end, I highly recommend this book to every couple who has a sincere desire to create a healthy marriage that lasts. Whether you are newly-weds who have just started the journey together, or 25 year veterans and beyond, this book will help you move your marriage up a notch, or two.

You may purchase this book via Amazon by clicking the book cover above or this link.

“This book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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