10 Problems With the Jesus Myth (and Why it Matters)

A Guest Post by Stephen J. Bedard

Ten years ago, I co-wrote my first book entitled, Unmasking the Pagan Christ. My friends were understandably excited for me. They asked me the natural question of what it was about. I explained the book demonstrated that the person and life of Jesus was not based on pagan myths and that he was indeed a historical […]

jesus myth

Jesus – Now 50% Off

A Guest Post by Justin Hiebert

I recently had a conversation with some friends that focused on the ways we have cheapened discipleship, and I immediately connected it to our insatiable desire for a good deal. We always desire to find something for the lowest possible price. We wait in line for hours on the day after Thanksgiving and many people […]

Justin Hiebert

Messiahs, ‘Success’, and the Way of Jesus

A Guest Post by T.C. Moore

Success is the most important thing in life, and failure is to be avoided at all cost. That’s the message I hear when I listen closely to the world around me. Success is celebrated; failure is mocked. Success means: you matter; failure means: you don’t. How do *You* define “success”? If you’re smart, what does “success” […]

Christian Social Work Part 2: Loving God and Loving Neighbor

A Guest Post by Dion Oxford

I’ve started to write this piece on at least half a dozen occasions and couldn’t quite figure out just where to start at trying to answer the question of what makes Christian social work Christian in 1000 words or less. First, I went with Jeremiah 29:7 around seeking the shalom of the city that I’ve […]

To the Glory of God? Church Buildings and Faith Formation

A Guest Post by Jonathan Massimi

As a priest, I have the privilege and honor of accompanying people on their faith journey from the cradle to the grave. This accompaniment is mainly done through the sacraments. This year I have had an influx of couples wanting to get married. Typically, these couples are not really connected to the faith community, but […]

What Makes Christian Social Work Christian? Part One

A Guest Post by Dion Oxford

Last year while teaching a course called ‘Social Justice in the Gospels’ to a group of Christian street workers, a recurring question kept coming to the surface throughout every one of my lectures. The students wanted to articulate what makes their work, at one of Toronto’s largest inner city ministries, any different than their secular […]

Open Theism for Dummies: Part 2 – Prayer, Evil and Risk in the Open View

A Guest Post by Tom Belt

In my first post I focused open theism’s defining claim: the future is both “partly closed” and “partly open” and God’s knowledge of it is accordingly closed or open. And I suggested that to say God knows what is closed about the future is to say God knows what “will” or “will not” occur while […]

Open Theism for Dummies: Part One – What is the Open View of God?

A Guest Post by Tom Belt

I’m going to risk a very brief explanation of open theism in laymen’s terms. The advantage of a brief explanation is that it requires us to find the core, defining claim of the open view in contrast to positions that often get attributed to it but which aren’t essential per se. In this post I’d […]

Why I Am No Longer a Pentecostal…But Still Am

A Guest Post by Stephen J. Bedard

Soon after I became a Christian, I moved from the Anglican church I had been raised in to a Pentecostal church. This was a good move for me. I naturally lean toward an intellectual faith and I needed the push to experience God. I am so thankful for my experience within the Pentecostal church. It […]