The Power, Purpose and Place of Church Symbols

Stimulating the Imagination With Thoughts Toward God

In his book, The Pastor, Eugene Peterson highlighted the various stages that went into the construction process of their first church building and how symbol played an important role in the design. For instance, he described how much thought went into the placement of the pulpit, at the center of the building, with the seats all […]

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God is Waiting Outside the Lines

Moving Beyond our Self-Made Boundaries in Pursuit of Jesus

When we have our lives oriented on religious identity instead of in Jesus alone, we encounter a massive obstacle in our path. – Benjamin L. Corey, Undiluted. One of the biggest challenges we will ever face in life will come when we’re forced to re-examine something we believe in. In particular, a belief we’ve held […]


Following Jesus is More Than Applying Principles

Re-Imagining the Lost Art of Apprenticeship as a Model for 21st Century Christian Discipleship

Being a Christian is less about looking for ways to mechanically apply practical ideas and principles to ones life and more about becoming a living embodiment of the One we’re trying to follow. The ancient art of apprenticeship communicates just that. As Jeff Goins wrote in a recent blog post, apprenticeship in ancient times wasn’t […]

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Learning to Walk in the Darkness with Jesus

There seems to be a contradiction between the avoidance message we're fed and the inclusiveness of Jesus

The idea of removing oneself from the darkness and pain of the world was never a life Jesus entertained. Instead, over and over again in the Gospel accounts we see a Jesus who intentionally immersed himself within the darkness of the world around him and sought to bring the light of God’s love into the […]

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Reforming the – God First, Family Second, Church Third – Structure of Christian Life and Ministry

The hierarchical structure so many of us have grown accustomed to using as it relates to ordering our Christian lives needs changing. In my experience, ranking things in a top-down order only seems to complicate things and is subject to the opinion of each person in question. You all know what paradigm I’m referring to, right? […]

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A Call to Allow Jesus Back Into Christianity Until Christianity Begins to Look Like Jesus

Sometimes the church can become known for different things than what Jesus was known for. Anti-gay, judgmental, hypocritical – make the list of the top three things unchurched people think about when asked about their views of Christians. What does this say about us? Two things. We’re known more for the things we are against […]

Isolation or Insulation? Christian Witness Re-Visited

In Christian circles, we often hear a plethora of messages pertaining to the apparent danger of having relationships with those outside the realm of the “faith.” We are told to be watchful of worldly contamination and that such relationships can and will help to facilitate this deadly defilement. As a result, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally […]

Christian Witness

Putting the World Back Into Christianity

Bridging the Gap Between the World That is and the World To Come

One of the reasons people decide to leave Christianity is that for far too long we’ve painted a picture of faith that is largely disconnected from life in the here and now. For many people, Christianity has become an other-worldly faith; a faith that anchors its existence almost entirely in another world, making the world […]


The Church Jesus-Style – Part Two

The Church as the Echo of the Kingdom of God

In and through Jesus, God has launched a new world referred to in the New Testament as the kingdom of God. The theme of the kingdom of God was central to Jesus’ life and ministry and sought to answer the question – What would the world look like if God were in control? In essence, […]