Woman, thou art loosed!

Reflecting on New Creation realities for women in Christian leadership

I borrowed the title for this post from one of the largest women-led Christian conferences in the world hosted at The Potter’s House, in Dallas, Texas, where Bishop T.D. Jakes serves at Lead Pastor. And, I love it. For far too long, and for a variety of reasons, most of which are rooted in a […]

The central message of the Church is reconciliation

“No one heals himself by wounding another.” – St. Ambrose “The essence of forgiveness is absorbing pain instead of giving it.” – Timothy Keller “Forgiveness empowers God’s new creation people with a revolution that turns hate into love, bitterness into hope, and sorrow into dancing.” – Derek Vreeland “Forgiveness is front and center in God’s […]

If the Church is God’s idea who are we to dismantle it?

Recentering the Christian life inside the gathered community

I wonder if our lack of a well-informed, biblically-shaped, Jesus-centered theology of the church is due in no small part to the Evangelical/Protestant over-emphasis on the individual over against the community? I wonder if we have come to define Christianity almost exclusively as a privatized spirituality, that either ignores the central role of the church […]

There is no ‘us’ or ‘them’, there’s just ‘us’

Charting a way forward through fear, isolation, tribalism, and hate

One of the primary reasons we struggle with differing views on any subject is that we believe acceptance equals agreement. That is, to accept a person or their argument is to agree with them. As a result, we conclude that we cannot accept the person for fear of being seen as agreeing with them. However, […]

Pulling the future vision of God’s ‘new creation’ into the present

A call for a renewed vision of the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the Church and world

It was the apostle Paul who first introduced the New Testament idea of people being made new through the life-giving grace of Jesus Christ. In a number of his correspondences, he chose the phrase ‘new creation’ as a way to capture the essence of Christ’s saving vision for the world. However, when people think about […]

Bridging the Pentecostal Denominational Divide

Finding unity within the shared-centeredness of our one faith

In Pentecostal circles, the word denomination has never received a warm reception, especially when used in an attempt to self-define. We have often relegated the term to articulate what we are not, as opposed to what we are. Viewed primarily from a negative perspective, the term is seen as something to be shunned rather than […]


New Appointment: Senior Editor of ChristianWeek

I’m both honoured and excited to be joining the team at ChristianWeek as Senior Editor!

My goal will be to provide and facilitate news leads and positive stories about what God is doing throughout Canada and the world. As before, we will continue in the tradition of providing solid editorial articles, as well as guest commentaries, that seek to inform, encourage and inspire the Christian community.

In 1987 ChristianWeek founder Harold Jantz launched a small newspaper with a big vision—nothing less than opening a window on Christian faith and life in Canada. Against the odds it succeeded, and ChristianWeek has been publishing the stories of God and His people in Canada ever since.

Mission Statement
ChristianWeek is uniquely positioned as Canada’s only national interdenominational news publication. Our goal is to provide practical, balanced, hope-filled perspective on national and global issues.

We help Canadian Christians understand the broader issues facing their country and world, and the hands on ways in which they can get involved and make a difference. We provide grass roots ministries and initiatives a platform to share their work with a broader audience, and build bridges of understanding between diverse Christian audiences, helping them find areas of commonality.

We aim to inform, encourage and inspire the Christian community.

If you would like to submit an article or news piece for publication, please send me your proposal via email at editor@christianweek.org.

Grace and Forgiveness: Cardinal Virtues in a Hostile World

The revenge motif may be all too common and acceptable in our world, but that model does not apply in the Kingdom of God.

To err is human; to forgive is divine. Our society is bent on retribution and revenge. I don’t get mad, I get even seems to illustrate the prevailing consensus in the world, while the qualities of grace and forgiveness appears to be the exception rather than the rule. For whatever reason, people are more apt […]

Grace and forgiveness

2 Reasons NOT to Keep Christ in Christmas

We 'Keep Christ in Christmas' when Jesus' posture of humility continues to shape our life in the world

Keep Christ in Christmas is the slogan of choice for many Christians during this time of year. We see the phrase used all over the place – from Facebook posts, Twitter feeds and Instagram pictures, to Pinterest links, blog posts and videos. However, while Keep Christ in Christmas is a good way for Jesus-followers to remember and live […]

Keep Christ in Christmas

Contemporary Church Worship: A Liturgy of Entertainment?

Moving Away From the Weekly Show to Face One Another in Real Community

Could the numerical growth some churches experience after adopting an entertainment style of church worship be attributed to our cultural fascination with and subsequent accommodation to the entertainment industry more than anything else? If such is the case, we need to set aside time to reflect on new worship ideas and ministry alternatives. Here is one proposal. […]