The Danger of Seeking God

The danger of seeking God comes when the picture or conception of God we have formulated is inaccurate. If we have created an image of God built around little more than our own psychological projections, contemporary philosophical assumptions, or religious persuasions, maybe we need to take a step back and reflect on another picture. For instance, […]


Life Lesson: Christian Discipleship is Not About Being Smart

Here are two things I’ve come to learn over the past 20 years – 1) Christian discipleship is not about being smart. 2) Two degrees in Christian theology isn’t a one-way ticket to Christlikeness. I realize I may have raised the eyebrows of many of my friends who currently work in Christian academia, but please […]


Escaping Christian Escapism – Pulling the Future Ideal of ‘New Creation’ into the Present

It was the apostle Paul who first introduced the New Testament idea of people being made new through the life-giving grace of Jesus Christ. In a number of his correspondences, he chose the phrase ‘new creation’ as a way to capture the essence of Christ’s saving vision for the world. However, when people think about […]


10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About the Bible by Peter Enns

October 6, 2014

In this short article, Peter Enns presents the 10 commandments of Bible reading. Excellent thoughts for reflection and dialogue.

My post Embracing the Humanity of the Bible: Listening for the Divine through Human Words echoes a similar sentiment as Enns highlights here.

Peter’s latest book, The Bible Tells Me So, is also a great resource. You can purchase your copy from Amazon by clicking this link.



Questioning the Biblical Basis of the Left Behind Movie Series and its Rapture Theology – Part 2

As the latest movie in the Left Behind series is scheduled to launch on October 3, 2014, I’ve been thinking once again about its primary theme of ‘rapture theology.’ In my previous post, I highlighted two videos from N.T. (Tom) Wright where he briefly outlined his views as to why the whole idea of rapture […]


The Left Behind Series, N.T. Wright and the Error of Rapture Theology

In view of the soon to be released Left Behind movie starring Nicolas Cage (Oct. 2014), I thought it important to showcase two exceptional videos from Tom Wright. In these short clips, Tom lays out his interpretation of the key text, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, that many have used to support the rapture of the church. In the […]


Tom Wright, Peter Enns and the Meaning of the word ‘Literal’ in Biblical Studies

In this video Conversation, senior biblical fellow Peter Enns asks Rev. N.T. Wright to respond to a reader question about science and faith. Specifically, the reader asks, “If you take Genesis in a non-literal fashion especially the creation stories, why take anything in the Bible literally—such as the Gospels? Do you take the Gospels literally?

Walking the God Line: Finding a Balance between Theology and Experience

Religious experience needs good theology the way a traveler needs a reliable map.  A traveler with lots of enthusiasm but no map for the journey is a dangerous person to travel with.  Together you can get hopelessly lost. ~ Clark H. Pinnock, Flame of Love, pg. 13. I’ve been reflecting on this quote for awhile […]