The Return of Christ Revisited

Will We Leave the Earth or Participate in its Renewal?

The trumpet sound that will herald the return of Christ will not initiate our leaving the earth, but will signal God coming to finish what he started upon the earth. Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 that Jesus’ followers will go out to meet him in the air at his return. Many understand this passage to mean that […]

return of christ

Following Jesus is Not About the Verses

On Finding Our Story Within God's Story

Following Jesus is less about a verse by verse detailed map that we’ve grown accustomed to, and more about following an overarching ethos, style, mood and way of following Jesus that pays attention to the verses, but ultimately seeks the heart of Jesus within them. For longer than I care to admit, my way of […]


On Adopting a Posture of the Cross

Jesus, Enemy-Love and the Implications for Everyday Life

For longer than I care to admit, I’ve approached the cross of Jesus more for theological reasons than anything else. As a result, my primary motivation in reading and studying Jesus’ crucifixion had less to do with transformation and more to do with gathering information I could use to formulate a theological position. Questions that […]


Blinded by Expectations

When Our Picture of Jesus Meets the Real Thing

Throughout the Gospel accounts to the first chapter of Acts, we are confronted with story after story that highlights the dilemma that erupted when cultural expectations surrounding the Messianic identity of Jesus met with the real thing. The vast majority of people living in Israel at the time would have believed the primary identity of […]


Not Everything in the Bible is Biblical

For so many of us, the Bible has become little more than a book of spiritual formulas and incantations that, if applied properly, will enable us to find success, happiness, wealth and personal satisfaction. From sermons to blog posts, it seems we are constantly inundated with ‘three points for this’ and ‘five ways for that’ […]


Why Do Bad Things Happen Even After We Pray?

I’ll begin by asking this question –  what kind of world did God choose to create? While a number of models have been proposed in response to this question, many of which deserve attention, I’ll briefly outline two of the most popular viewpoints – those that exist on opposite ends of the spectrum. Determinism Model […]


This World IS my Home and I’m NOT Just Passing Through

Many Christians view the call to follow Jesus as some sort of out-of-body, other-worldly affair that shouldn’t occupy itself with this-worldly concerns. The Christian life is largely arranged around the concept of escape – we will one day leave this world for good, go to heaven when we die, and forever live in some kind of angel-like existence. Those […]

This world is my home