Blinded by Expectations

When Our Picture of Jesus Meets the Real Thing

Throughout the Gospel accounts to the first chapter of Acts, we are confronted with story after story that highlights the dilemma that erupted when cultural expectations surrounding the Messianic identity of Jesus met with the real thing. The vast majority of people living in Israel at the time would have believed the primary identity of […]


Resurrection by Rob Bell


Not Everything in the Bible is Biblical

For so many of us, the Bible has become little more than a book of spiritual formulas and incantations that, if applied properly, will enable us to find success, happiness, wealth and personal satisfaction. From sermons to blog posts, it seems we are constantly inundated with ‘three points for this’ and ‘five ways for that’ […]


Why Do Bad Things Happen Even After We Pray?

I’ll begin by asking this question –  what kind of world did God choose to create? While a number of models have been proposed in response to this question, many of which deserve attention, I’ll briefly outline two of the most popular viewpoints – those that exist on opposite ends of the spectrum. Determinism Model […]


This World IS my Home and I’m NOT Just Passing Through

Many Christians view the call to follow Jesus as some sort of out-of-body, other-worldly affair that shouldn’t occupy itself with this-worldly concerns. The Christian life is largely arranged around the concept of escape – we will one day leave this world for good, go to heaven when we die, and forever live in some kind of angel-like existence. Those […]

This world is my home

If God is Always With Us – Why Do We Ask Him to “Visit Us”?

Our experience of God should always have a role to play in our attempts to better understand God and God’s activity in the world. Experience can help us determine the validity of a certain theological idea about God when we put that idea to the test in the real world of everyday life. If it seems to work with […]


2 Themes From the Psalms That Will Forever Change the Way You Read the Book

I recently completed reading through the Psalms and noticed two themes in particular that came up over and over again. Both of which I really didn’t anticipate seeing in this context, but were found throughout. While I won’t take the time to list every passage within each category, I thought I would share a few […]


A King and His Kingdom

Relearning the Story of Jesus From the Ground Up

Sometimes, in order to learn about something, we have to (un)learn all of the things we thought we knew about that something first. In our pursuit of Jesus, sometimes we have to (un)learn what we thought we knew about Jesus, in order to (re)learn about the real Jesus that lay behind our presuppositions, prejudices and […]