Review – Burning Questions and Faith: Exploring Where the Evidence Leads (DVD)

Burning Questions is a new six-part DVD series produced by Talon Productions and Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, and is hosted by Dr. Andy Bannister, the Director for RZIM Canada. In this very informative and thorough series, Dr. Bannister takes us on a journey to three countries and asks representatives from the major world religions, as […]


In this short video clip, Jon Tyson asks a number of questions about local church discipleship –

1 |  Are we creating disciples to fit into and reflect the image of our local congregational brand or the image of Jesus? There can be a huge difference.

2 | Are people in the church being discipled more by consumerism, and if so, what does this look like?

Jon brings to our attention a number of significant concerns related to local church discipleship initiatives that we all must pay careful attention to.

If we are all being discipled by something, whether it be the culture of consumerism or the image of a particular congregational brand, we need to isolate these various other sources that compete for our attention and once again re-center our focus on creating disciples exclusively in the image of Jesus.

What are your thoughts? Ideas?

2 Things Christians Should Consider in Our Public Use of the Phrase ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’

Keep Christ in Christmas is the slogan of choice for many Christians during this time of year. We see the phrase used all over the place – from Facebook posts, Twitter feeds and Instagram pictures, to Pinterest links and blog posts. However, while Keep Christ in Christmas is a good way for Jesus-followers to remember the season, the […]


Jesus, Enemy-Love and the Church: A Call to Put Away our Swords, Stop Fighting and Embrace the Other

Christians are all too often known more for what they stand against, than what they stand for. Contemporary enemies, as we have defined them at least, are the people and issues we fight against in the public square. As those who claim to follow Jesus, an enemy-loving Lord, why do we so often choose to hate our enemies […]

Jesus enemy love

Jesus – Now 50% Off by Justin Hiebert

I recently had a conversation with some friends that focused on the ways we have cheapened discipleship, and I immediately connected it to our insatiable desire for a good deal. We always desire to find something for the lowest possible price. We wait in line for hours on the day after Thanksgiving and many people […]

Justin Hiebert