A Call to Allow Jesus Back Into Christianity Until Christianity Begins to Look Like Jesus

Sometimes the church can become known for different things than what Jesus was known for. Anti-gay, judgmental, hypocritical – make the list of the top three things unchurched people think about when asked about their views of Christians. What does this say about us? Two things. We’re known more for the things we are against […]

Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth: Experiencing the Kingdom of God in the Here and Now

The future hope of heaven is pulled into the here-and-now in this illuminating description of the kingdom of God.

Popular teacher and author R. Alan Streett exposes half-truths about the kingdom that many believers have unwittingly accepted. He contrasts these with the testimony of Scripture:

  • Jesus inaugurated the kingdom of God on the earth―it has already begun. As ambassadors of the kingdom, we are to fulfill our responsibilities and enjoy its benefits here and now.
  • Salvation does not culminate with the soul escaping the body and living forever in heaven. Our bodies will eventually be transformed, and we will live with God on a restored earth.
  • The church is like an embassy of heaven in a foreign country. In their life together, believers demonstrate kingdom realities to the world.

Readers will find hope and direction in this fresh presentation of the historic teaching on the kingdom.

Isolation or Insulation? Christian Witness Re-Visited

In Christian circles, we often hear a plethora of messages pertaining to the apparent danger of having relationships with those outside the realm of the “faith.” We are told to be watchful of worldly contamination and that such relationships can and will help to facilitate this deadly defilement. As a result, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally […]

Christian Witness

Putting the World Back Into Christianity

Bridging the Gap Between the World That is and the World To Come

One of the reasons people decide to leave Christianity is that for far too long we’ve painted a picture of faith that is largely disconnected from life in the here and now. For many people, Christianity has become an other-worldly faith; a faith that anchors its existence almost entirely in another world, making the world […]


The Church Jesus-Style – Part Two

The Church as the Echo of the Kingdom of God

In and through Jesus, God has launched a new world referred to in the New Testament as the kingdom of God. The theme of the kingdom of God was central to Jesus’ life and ministry and sought to answer the question – What would the world look like if God were in control? In essence, […]


The Church Jesus-Style

The Sights and Sounds of a Jesus-Shaped Community

The Church should always center its identity, activity and witness in Jesus who defines the life of the ecclesia (gathering). As a result, the gathered community of Jesus-followers are a people who reflect, imitate and live the life of Jesus wherever they are. Why Jesus? He is the Head of the body – the church […]


The Return of Christ Revisited

Will We Leave the Earth or Participate in its Renewal?

The trumpet sound that will herald the return of Christ will not initiate our leaving the earth, but will signal God coming to finish what he started upon the earth. Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 that Jesus’ followers will go out to meet him in the air at his return. Many understand this passage to mean that […]

return of christ

The Church is on Trial

by Len Jennings

After posting the article – On Renouncing the Plastic, Cheaply-Fabricated, Celebrity-Style of Christianity – (re-posted on Churchleaders.com) a few months ago, a reader, Len Jennings, was inspired to write these song lyrics. I think it captures the essence of what I was trying to communicate in the short piece. If you haven’t read the article already, why […]


Following Jesus is Not About the Verses

On Finding Our Story Within God's Story

Following Jesus is less about a verse by verse detailed map that we’ve grown accustomed to, and more about following an overarching ethos, style, mood and way of following Jesus that pays attention to the verses, but ultimately seeks the heart of Jesus within them. For longer than I care to admit, my way of […]


On Adopting a Posture of the Cross

Jesus, Enemy-Love and the Implications for Everyday Life

For longer than I care to admit, I’ve approached the cross of Jesus more for theological reasons than anything else. As a result, my primary motivation in reading and studying Jesus’ crucifixion had less to do with transformation and more to do with gathering information I could use to formulate a theological position. Questions that […]