Love is not something God happens to do. It is the one divine activity that most fully and vividly discloses God’s inner reality. Love, therefore , is the very essence of the divine nature. Love is what it means to be God.

Richard Rice
The Openness of God

Life Lesson: Christian Discipleship is Not About Being Smart

Here are two things I’ve come to learn over the past 20 years – 1) Christian discipleship is not about being smart. 2) Two degrees in Christian theology isn’t a one-way ticket to Christlikeness. I realize I may have raised the eyebrows of many of my friends who currently work in Christian academia, but please […]


What’s in your hand?

I love reading the story in Matthew 15 about Jesus’s feeding of the 4000.  The basic premise is that thousands of people were following Jesus (4000 men, plus women and children), listening to Him speak and being healed from various ailments.  After three days had passed, Jesus became concerned because they had nothing to eat, […]

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Church Symbols and Stop Signs: We Need Both

In Eugene Peterson’s book, The Pastor, he highlighted the various stages that went into the construction process of their first church building. For instance, he described how much thought went into the placement of the pulpit, at the center of the building, with the seats all around, emphasizing the centered place that scripture should have […]

Eugene Peterson, church symbols

Assisted Suicide, Brittany Maynard, and Dying with Dignity

October 6, 2014

Assisted Suicide.


Click the above post title to watch a moving six-minute clip that really forces all of us to once again seriously reflect on the question of assisted suicide.

As the primary purpose of this blog is to ask questions, stimulate conversation and inspire faith, the delicate topic of assisted suicide certainly qualifies as something requiring dialogue.

No doubt there will be those for and against assisted suicide. And, rightfully so. A topic such as this should be discussed.

However, it’s one thing to discuss it from a distance, when the situation affects someone far away, and quite another thing when it concerns someone near you; someone you love and hold dear.

I still don’t know exactly how I feel about this. But, as a Christian, I know that Brittany’s circumstances demand much grace.

Brittany, I’m so sorry you have to experience this.

May the God of love, grace and peace surround you now and forever. And, may he sustain your family and cherished friends as they travel with you through this life-changing time.

Escaping Christian Escapism – Pulling the Future Ideal of ‘New Creation’ into the Present

It was the apostle Paul who first introduced the New Testament idea of people being made new through the life-giving grace of Jesus Christ. In a number of his correspondences, he chose the phrase ‘new creation’ as a way to capture the essence of Christ’s saving vision for the world. However, when people think about […]