God is like Jesus

This changes everything we thought we knew about God, how we relate to God and to one another.

The Place of Creeds and the Ongoing Task of Christian Theology

Moving Beyond Fence-Building to a More Open and Contextualized Approach to Theological Construction

Theology is a matter of emphasis. Though from the surface this may appear rather abstract, the history of theology seems to authenticate this claim, for every significant theological position has shared this element of emphasis. From the various creedal formulations within Christianity, to the more modern articulations of the 20th century, i.e., Bonhoeffer’s religionless Christianity, […]


God is Waiting on the Outside

Moving Beyond our Self-Made Boundaries in Pursuit of Jesus

When we have our lives oriented on religious identity instead of in Jesus alone, we encounter a massive obstacle in our path. – Benjamin L. Corey, Undiluted. One of the biggest challenges we will ever face in life will come when we’re forced to re-examine something we believe in. In particular, a belief we’ve held […]

Jesus – Son of a Carpenter

Seeing Beyond the Mess of What Is To What Can Be

For much of his adult life my father was a carpenter by trade. I never really cared much for carpentry myself, but what always amazed me about my dad was his ability to see the completion of a project long before it even began. In his minds-eye, my father has the ability to see beyond […]


Learning to Embrace the Humanity of the Bible

Understanding the Bible as an Example of God Using the Finitude of Human Language as Symbols of Communication

Many Christians hold to a doctrine of scripture that sees only the divine side of the documents, while significantly downplaying the human dimension. Others believe they were divinely dictated, leaving the writers to simply record what they were verbally given. However, I believe the latter view dehumanizes the bible. It doesn’t take seriously the cultural, linguistic, […]


Following Jesus is More Than Applying Principles

Re-Imagining the Lost Art of Apprenticeship as a Model for 21st Century Christian Discipleship

Being a Christian is less about looking for ways to mechanically apply practical ideas and principles to ones life and more about becoming a living embodiment of the One we’re trying to follow. The ancient art of apprenticeship communicates just that. As Jeff Goins wrote in a recent blog post, apprenticeship in ancient times wasn’t […]

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Enemies of Grace

How a False Conception of God as an Angry Judge Creates People Who Judge Themselves and Others

What if I stumble? What if I fall? What if I lose my step and I make fools of us all? Will the love continue when the walk becomes a crawl? What if I stumble? What if I fall? These lyrics from the song What if I Stumble? by DC Talk echo questions we all at one time […]


Learning to Walk in the Darkness with Jesus

Letting Go of the Message of Avoidance to Capture Jesus' Message of Embrace

The idea of removing oneself from the darkness and pain of the world was never a life Jesus entertained. Instead, over and over again in the Gospel accounts we see a Jesus who intentionally immersed himself within the darkness of the world around him and sought to bring the light of God’s love into the […]

darkness with Jesus

Reforming the – God First, Family Second, Church Third – Structure of Christian Life and Ministry

The hierarchical structure so many of us have grown accustomed to using as it relates to ordering our Christian lives needs changing. In my experience, ranking things in a top-down order only seems to complicate things and is subject to the opinion of each person in question. You all know what paradigm I’m referring to, right? […]

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