Not Everything in the Bible is Biblical

For so many of us, the Bible has become little more than a book of spiritual formulas and incantations that, if applied properly, will enable us to find success, happiness, wealth and personal satisfaction. From sermons to blog posts, it seems we are constantly inundated with ‘three points for this’ and ‘five ways for that’ […]


God is Waiting on the Outside: Moving Beyond our Theological Boundaries in Pursuit of Jesus

When we have our lives oriented on religious identity instead of in Jesus alone, we encounter a massive obstacle in our path. – Benjamin L. Corey, Undiluted. One of the biggest challenges we will ever face in life will come when we’re forced to re-examine something we believe in. In particular, a belief we’ve held […]

God is waiting on the outside

A Few Days With Leonard Sweet

The Pacific Advance is an intimate gathering of Christian leaders from a variety of vocational and denominational backgrounds hosted by Leonard Sweet at his home base on Orcas Island, Washington. The event took place this year from March 13-14. For additional information about this particular Advance, as well as others, please visit Len’s website. Each […]


Why Do Bad Things Happen Even After We Pray?

I’ll begin by asking this question –  what kind of world did God choose to create? While a number of models have been proposed in response to this question, many of which deserve attention, I’ll briefly outline two of the most popular viewpoints – those that exist on opposite ends of the spectrum. Determinism Model […]


When Christians Engage in a Battle Over Words: Letting Go of the Defend and Conquer Mentality

The problem is simple – the church has developed a defend and conquer mentality, rather than a dialogue and conversation mentality. How do I know this? After years of working within the Church and writing about and for the Church. My perspective is not from someone on the outside, but from the inside. Someone who […]

defend and conquer

This World IS my Home and I’m NOT Just Passing Through

Many Christians view the call to follow Jesus as some sort of out-of-body, other-worldly affair that shouldn’t occupy itself with this-worldly concerns. The Christian life is largely arranged around the concept of escape – we will one day leave this world for good, go to heaven when we die, and forever live in some kind of angel-like existence. Those […]

This world is my home

Worship is Like Monday Morning

From a Christian perspective, when I say the word ‘worship’ what immediately comes to mind? Music? Singing? Songs? Sunday? Worship teams? Lights? Dark auditoriums? Professional musicians? Set list? Worship practice? By no means is this list exhaustive, but I think it would be safe to assume that when many of us reflect on the term […]


Sunday Snippet

Following Jesus is less about a verse by verse detailed map that we’ve grown accustomed to, and more about following an overarching ethos, style, mood and way of following Jesus that pays attention to the verses, but ultimately seeks the heart of Jesus within them. For longer than I care to admit, my way of […]

sunday snippet